Recognising Your Potential and Improving Achievement through Public Speaking

The National Seminar from English Students’ Association Udayana University Opened by the Vice Dean III Accompanied by the Chairman of English Department, Chairman of Committee and Chairman of English Students’ Association

Denpasar-Saturday (14 October), English Students’ Association held national seminar themed “Unleash Your Potential Through the Art of Publik Speaking”. This seminar held at Widya Sabha Mandala Auditorium and attended by 160 participants from Udayana University students, Senior High School students in Bali as well as a few students from STIBA, STPBI, DHYANA PURA, and Bali State Polytechnic.

Axel Fung Triputra Djara, as a chairman of this national seminar, explained that this seminar was held in order to run the work program of English Students' Association. The first national seminar on this period is aimed to educate the participants, especially students of English Department in improving and recognizing the potential through the understanding of public speaking, and make it as one of the foundations in developing academic potential.

"This national seminar is the first national seminar on the management period this year, the goal of this seminar is the same with this national seminar theme that is able to recognise and improve your own potential through understanding of public speaking," he said.

Mr. Paul Suardi while giving material in the National Seminar in Widya Sabha Mandala Auditorium.

It is not only attended by Vice Dean III, Prof.Dr. I Nyoman Weda Kusuma as a representative of the Dean of FIB, but this national seminar was also attended by three great and qualified speakers in their field. The speakers are Mr. Paul Suardi S.S., M.Sc. who provided the material on how to improve the potential in order to increase trust through the application of "The Art of Public Speaking", Mr. Waluyo who provided material about the Public Speaking capabilities for academic achievement boast. He also provided tips and tricks to get scholarships abroad.

Axel, who is also a English Students' Association member, expected that from this national seminar, participants are able to apply what has been shared by the Public Speaking speaker, and can change the mindsets of students that in participating the seminar is not only due to get SKP but also to gain the useful knowledge.