Voluntary Sports Physiotherapy Team hold Seminar and Talkshow with Bali United

The atmosphere when giving material by the Physiotherapist Bali United housed in the space of 4.01-4.02 FK Unud.

Denpasar, (17/9)  Student Association of Physiotherapy Department held a regional seminar as well as talk show with one of the players of Bali United. This event is a series of welcoming world therapist day, which fell on 8 September last yesterday. As for some activities that have been done include Coloring Contest, Writing Competition, Poster Competition and Social Visit.

The topic is "Sport science for football player's performance" which aims to know the form of handling in the field of sports, especially on football. "The reason why football is chosen, because many people love about this sport, on the other hand our alumni are also part of Bali United." Said Ni Putu Ayu Dika Utami as Chairman of the Regional Seminar Committee and Talkshow 2017.

Regional seminars that have been held present several speakers, namely Dr. I G N Wien Aryana, SpOT (K) as Orthopedic Surgeon from Sanglah Hospital, and I Putu Gede Surya Adhitya, S.Ft, M.Fis. as a Balinese physiotherapist. In addition, the participants also attended a Talkshow with Bali athlete I Nyoman Sukarja.

Students who joined in VSFT is a partnership with Bali United, the program Bali United goes to campus. Located in the space 4.01-4.02, FK Unud, has attended as many as 260 participants both from the students and the general public. It is expected that the attendees can apply the results of the seminars that have been well organized. (khania)