Blood Transfusion Process by Blood Transfusion Unit of Badung

Denpasar – Friday (08/09), Responding to the lack of blood supply at PMI or UTD (Blood Transfusion Unit), Student Activity Unit of Indonesian Red Cross Corps of Udayana University or commonly referred to as KSR, do Blood Donation activity. "These last few months many people need help, in need of blood. While stocks from PMI and UTD have been reduced so we take the initiative to create Blood Transfusion activities "said Ni Luh Seri Astiti as Chairman of Blood Donation Committee KSR 2017.

Besides to increase the inventory, this activity is a work program from the humanitarian field of UKM KSR Udayana University which is held every three months. "For this blood donation, we have previously done the same theme that is" Running 7 Principles of Husbandry through Blood Donation for Humanity ", and indeed this activity is always held every three months," said Ni Luh Seri Astiti, chairman of the Blood Donor Committee 2017 " he added.

Queue of Blood Donation participants while waiting for their turn to be examined

Blood donation conducted at the Sudirman campus was precisely deflected by Udayana University Graduate's campus was seen very busy visited by blood donor participants both students and academic community unud. The rear parking lot of Unud is seen to be crowded by donors. Blood donor participants had to queue, considering the medical personnel who came from UTD Badung is not much. But it does not discourage participants to perform this humanitarian action.

It is important to know that through blood donation there are so many benefits. "For the younger generation do not be afraid to do blood donation, because through blood donation many benefits that we can get such as maintaining health on heart, help burn calories, help expedite blood circulation, renewal of white blood cells, health for free ", again. In addition, Astiti Series also revealed that young people are not afraid to do blood donation because there are still many out there people who need help. (Ism)