Juan Lumawing Reynoso give the presentation to the the Pre-operative ACL Management

Denpasar – Thursday (7/09), Welcome of the 5th Arthroscopy Indonesia Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy (IOSSMA) congress, held an international workshop and seminar on prevention, therapy and treatment of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries.

ACL is one of the network tissue in the knee that serves to protect the knee and help move the knee to the fore and rear. The ACL injury is the most common knee injury experienced by athletes. This injury generally occurs in sports involving zigzag movements, changes in direction of movement and sudden changes in speed such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and futsal.

In general, the symptoms of CL damage are characterized by a direct sense of injury and saturation accompanied by a surge of the knee due to the breaking of the ligment. ACL damage can be diagnosed through rotational knee movement and bent. Other tests such as X ray, Magnetic resonance imaging can also be performed for diagnosis. While the first treatment is R.I.C.E ie rest, ice, compression, and evaluation. While the operative action can be done using arthroscopy techniques.

Seminar and workshop which is chaired by dr. I.G.N Wien Aryana, Sp.OT (K) was attended by several international speakers from the Philippine State. Among of them are Juan Lumawing Reynoso trainer of Mega Sport Clinic Manila Phiipipines, Allen Dwight A.Guieb head of Fisioterapist Mega Sport Clinic Manila Phiipipines, Matias Ibo sport Physiotherapist. Do not miss too. I WAYAN Murjana, Sp. OT orthopedic specialists also present as speakers, as well as Dr. Deng. Wien becomes Key Note Speaker. Approximately 250 participants filled the theater building Faculty of Medical Udayana University. Not only students, this seminar also filled by the general participants from outside. Like Dr. Din from Sumbawa , he is very enthusiastic to attend this seminar. "This event is very good, can add my insights about the science of Physiotherapy, especially the exposure of Dr. Wien ", he said. (isma)

Participants of All Abaout ACL's workshop and national seminar at Tetaer Hall of Faculty of Medicine