FISIP Dedicating Invites Students of Udayana to Care about the Environment

Ongoing planting of mangrove seedlings in Kampoeng Kepiting area by students of FISIP Unud which lasted until at 15:00 pm.

Denpasar, (28/8) one of the forms to the realization of society dedication by students implemented through routine cleaning activities of Kampoeng Kepiting and observation of mangrove seeds. The society dedication implemented in the weekend was filled by students who are members of BEM and Students of FISIP Unud in different ways. The FISIP Serving was implemented with one goal "our environment, our responsibility."

The activities were visiting the Kampoeng Kepiting was aimed to clean the area around the mangrove observation and to check the mangrove seedlings that had been planted. The visit of FISIP students by this occasion was the eighth time, considering that the first time occasion was done during Upgrading Bersama.

FISIP dedicating is one of BEM's work programs from the Department of Strategic Action and Community Service. The following benefits of this activity are beneficial to prevent erosion and to help stabilize the coastal area by the mangrove planting that had been done.

The observation will also be done for 2 to 3 weeks once in routine. Approximately 15 students had participated in this implementation which took place in Kampoeng Kepiting, Tuban, Bali.

Miranda Elfanita as BEM FISIP Unud expressed her support and expected the implementation of this activity could continue and beneficial for many parties. (dessrimama)