Medical Faculty of Udayana University held the 7th International Guest Lecture.

The atmosphere during the first presentation by Professor Stan Fenwick, Ph.D., MSC, BVMS at Teater Widya Sabha, FK Unud

Denpasar, (12/8) Faculty of Medical Udayana University held International Lecture 2017 the 7th. This event is a work program of the Department of Relationships BEM FK Unud which held every once a year in August. The theme that carried in this event is “One Medicine, One Health , One World Approach in Preventing and Controlling Zoonotic Disease.”

“So the purposes of this event is to combine all areas of medicine such as psychology, public health, dentistry and other fields in order to recognize and overcome the existence of this Zoonotic Disease, "said Made Dyah Vismita Indramila Duarsa as Chairman of the IGL 2017 Executive Committee.

Guest Lecture speakers on this occasion are Professor Stan Fenwick, Ph.D., MSC, BVMS, he explained the Zoonotic Disease, covering the spread, the impact of the Zoonotic Disease and how to cope. It is also attended by Dr. dr. Ni Nyoman Sri Budayanti, Sp.MK (K), a microbiologist who describes the disease of meningitis. This is based on the news about the epidemic of warm meningitis in Bali. This event is moderated by dr. I Made Ady Wirawan, MPH, Ph.D who is a lecturer at the Department of Public Health FK Unud.

Located at the Widya Sabha Theater, Faculty of Medical Udayana University, with attendees, approximately 250 people. Guest Lecture participants are not only from among students but also from Doctor and Nurse Profession. (arisugama)