The winner of the contest taking picture with the Judges and Head of the organizing committee

Denpasar - Sunday (09/07), Physiotherapy Students Association of Udayana University held a popular science essay contest for Students in Bali. The essay contest took the theme of "More Movement, Feel Healthier". In this year's essay contest, the committee outlined the great theme into two subthemes that could be used as a reference for the participants of the competition to be used as research essays. In this year, the committee formulates two sub themes that are the preventive efforts of sports injuries and the innovation of exercise therapy on sports injuries. This essay contest itself is a series of annual activities of physiotherapy student associations in the celebration of World Physiotherapy Day. The competition was held in the Physiotherapy Building at 08.00 to 11.00 A.M. The chairman of this competition was I Putu Mahendra Putra of  the 2016th generation.

The Review session

This essay activity had been actually started in June 2017 at the essay submitting session. The contestants were young students of middle school to college. Today was the final session of the essay contest which is the presentation session of the participants who have passed preliminary session. In this essay competition, the committee invited three experts such as were doctor and physicotherapist as the judges. They were; Nila Wahyuni, M.Fis, Trisna, SSt.FT ,. M. Fis, and Bu Narji.

In the interview session, the committee chairman explained that the purpose of this competition was as an effort to promote physiotherapy department so that physiotherapy department could be better known by the public. (dessrimama)