Photo session with participants and the committee of Open Fast Together SFARI UKKI FPMI Udayana University

Jimbaran – Saturday (10/06), Islamic Spiritual Activity Unit Forum of Islamic Students Union or better known as UKKI FPMI Udayana University, held a fast opening with all academic community of Udayana University, LDK in Bali, alumni, orphanage children from Musolah Al-Azmi and children of orphanage Darul Falah Pemogan at the Institute of Peace and Democracyi (IPD) Building.

Dani Hamdani explained that this activity is a series of Semarak Festifal Ramdhan and Idul Fitri (SAFARI) event of Unud 2017 which is also a routine activity conducted by FPMI every year. The series of the show is tarawih prayers in congregation, open fast together, and closed with Eid prayers in congregation on July 27th in front of Post Graduate Building Unud Denpasar.

The atmosphere when the fast opening with SAFARI UKKI FPMI Unud

More than that he also explained the purpose of this activity, which is to cultivate ukwah Islamiah in fellow Muslims and all the academic family, both students and lecturers. The activity also invited the coach of UKKI FPMI, Ir. Amna Hartiati, M.P., who is a lecturer from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Arif Marsudi as a lecturer on diversity.

According to him, the holy month of Ramdhan is a highly anticipated momentum for the Islamic ummah to tighten each other's bonds and unity. Difference is not an issue. Pancasila as a symbol of unity and diversity must be guarded. The attitude of tolerance and mutual respect for inter-religious people, that is what must be maintained. (mimi)