Staging Drama "Dosa" at Mini Theater Oronk Noceng 2017

Denpasar - (25/05) In order to run a new work program in the 2017 management year, SME of Orok Noceng Theater Udayana held mini stage entitled "This is Us About Love" at Student Center Building, 4th Floor. The mini stage is the inaugural stage of the Orok Noceng Theater as well as the inauguration of new members of 2016 who have been working at the Orok Noceng Theater for nine months and ten days.

"Why does it take nine-ten days, because it is taken from the philosophy of the word “orok” itself, where it experienced the process in the womb that later was born in perfect form. Similarly, members of the Orok Noceng Theater who previously they also have to proceed in SMEs and then they are newly inaugurated as members of SME Orok Noceng Theater Udayana, featuring a drama performances such as this mini stage, "said Iin as the Chairman of Orok Noceng Theater Udayana when giving an explanation on stage staging.

The symbolic inauguration of the members of the Orok Noceng Theater of class 2016 with the embedding of jackets and membership cards.

In addition to the inauguration of the new board members, this mini stage was enlivened by drama performances and musical poems. The drama titled "Dosa" by director Matejo played by actor Radit, Yoga, Damar, Nadya, Depik and Tress instantly made the audience laugh out loud because of his funny acts. Although funny, the delivery of messages from the drama can still be delivered perfectly by the players.

"The message of this drama is a consequence of sin, that all human actions in the world will inevitably be held accountable in the afterlife," said Nadya, who is one of the drama Dosa players.

It seemed that the Orok Noceng Theater has succeeded in giving birth to a new generation. Moreover, the musical appearance of poetry titled "Hujan Bulan Juni" and "Bahasa Langit" from Orok Theater also has managed to amaze the audience. (lie)