BEM-PM Unud Held Training of Business Proposal and Entrepreneurship Sharing (PPBSK)

Photo Session Participants and Speakers of PPBSK Ni Luh Djelantik and Sayu Sutisna Dewi

Jimbaran - Saturday (May 20), Student Executive Board of Udayana University (BEM-PM) held Training Business Proposals and Entrepreneurship Sharing. It was conducted at the Institute for Peace and Democracy Building (IPD) and attended by dozens of participants such as students and society.

I Nengah Agung Putra, as a chairman of the committee, stated that PPBSK activity aims to provide training proposal related to business, entrepreneurship sharing, giving motivation in entrepreneurship, giving entrepreneurship tricks to students and to train soft skill of students in entrepreneurship.

"I expect the implementation of this activity can increase student interest in entrepreneurship," he added.

Not just a workshop and seminar, BEM-PM Kita Udayana Cabinet also invites students to conduct study visits to several places of business such as Barjaz Tea as well as practice in creating an entrepreneurship team. Moreover, BEM-PM Udayana held a competition for students who already have a business proposal will be given the amount of aid of 1 million rupiah.

Ni Luh Djelantik when Giving Presentation about Entrepreneurship Sharing in PPBSK

This activity also presented two great speakers namely Ni Luh Djelantik, a shoe entrepreneur where her business has reached an International level, and Sayu Ketut Sutrisna Dewi, SE, MM, Ak., a Business Incubator Chairman, Udayana University. In her presentation, Mbok Luh, often called, stated that in order to achieve success in business, it requires hard work and honest work as well as high integrity. In addition, she conveyed how small or big your business created must have Brand and legal status. According to her, Brand is one form of identity from a business so as not easily imitated others.

Not only Mbok Luh, but Sayu Sutisna Dewi also provides tips and tricks in entrepreneurship.

"In entrepreneurship not only money needed, but also entrepreneurial analysis through Business Plan that includes ideas, concepts, feasibility and business plans. All that is required to anticipate everything that happens in the future, of course related to the business", Sayu Sutisna Dewi stated. (manik)