Combined Regional Training TBM FK UNUD: Simultaneously Become An Introduction

Photo mood with all participants after the Joint Activities Exercise Area

In order to carry out the annual work program, the Medical Assistance Team (TBM) of the Faculty of Medicine UNU that is TBM Janar Duta was held of Joint Regional Training activities on this occasion raised the theme of "Know Disaster, No Disaster" with materials of earthquake management and disaster management. This activity was attended by several TBMs from several other universities, and also involved the Medical Assistance Team of Indonesian Medical Students, such as TBM Janar Duta, Baswara Prada, TBM Komodo, and TBM Bumi Gora. Total participants of this activity amounted to about 110 participants. This Joint Regional Exercise activity was held within two days, ie Saturday (13/05) to Sunday (14/05). The invitees who participated in this event were representatives from Udayana Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Udayana, Chairman of Student Association of Study Program, FK Unud, Chairman of Badan Semi Otonom (BSO) FK Unud, and PTBMMKI Region IV.         

In relation to the material raised in this activity, the activity committee presents speakers who play a role in the field of speakers from the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics or abbreviated BMKG, and speakers from Diklit Sanglah. Packaging of this event was formed in the presentation of material and simulation activities. In the material of presentation session is filled by speakers who have been able to be presented by the committee which discusses earthquake management and disaster management, and for the simulation session conducted by all participants of the activity. In this session simulated the evacuation of natural disasters, as well as how to overcome panic in the event of a disaster event. Material exposure activities were conducted at the 4th Udayana Faculty of Medicine Udayana University Building, Udayana Sudirman Campus. And for simulation activities conducted in the area of Campus Sudirman Udayana and Niti Mandala Renon Field, Denpasar.

This activity has taken about three months since March to carry out preparations. Preparations starting from the formation of the committee, the collection of participants who want to participate, the formation of the concept of the event, the determination of the speaker, coordination with the speaker, coordination of funds, to fulfill the equipment for technical needs of the event on the day H event. The purpose of this activity is of course as an event to practice together with fellow TBM from other universities, as well as to know each other among other TBM that also are from outside Bali. Hopefully, the committee wants to go through this activity can be useful for many people and his colleagues who have been involved and participate in it, all participants become ready to practice the knowledge gained in this joint training activities, and also can become the arena of the Participants and fellow TBMs can recognize and familiarize themselves with each other. (arisugama)