Appreciation of Education by BEM PM Udayana University

The first material presented by I Nyoman Parta, S.H as Head of Commission IV DPRD Bali about Problematic Education in Bali.

It was on last May 2, a commemoration of National Education Day with pioneer figure of education in Indonesia known as Ki Hajar Dewantara was celebrated. Commemorating HARDIKNAS, BEM PM Udayana University held a series of activities, including holding national competitions, educational dedication and the top event was Talk show.

There were four competitions, i.e. Digital Poster with general participants category themed "Improving Indonesian Education”, Photography with general participants category themed "colorful portrait of Indonesian Education ", Oration with category of Indonesian Student participants themed" Problematic Education of Indonesia " And Speech with category of Balinese high school students participants themed "Education role as Movement of Change."

There was not only competition, but also a community service directed to Perempatan Village, more precisely in SD Negeri 3 Perempatan related to the village that has been taken care of by BEM PM Unud. The top event of educational appreciation was marked by Talk show referring to the importance of education in the Modern Era.

"The talk show is open for public because the purpose is to convey the aspirations about the condition and the current educational situation in the wider community," said Made agus Arya Saputra as head of the 2017 National Education Day Committee.

This year Talk show presented I Nyoman Parta, SH as Head of Commission IV of DPRD Bali, Pande Putu setiawan as the founder of Anak Alam Community, Ni Ketut Ayu Suwandewi as Minister of Village Empowerment BEM PM Unud and Ni Kadek Rada Savita as Founder Bali Read Book. There was not only talk show, but also Education Art Performance which took place in Nusantara Room, Agrokomplek Building Fourth Floor, by Orok Theater of Udayana University, Cakrawala Theater, and Poetry Musiclization.

"Our focus in the talk show and the series of this National Education Day is the dropout rate. Bali is not only talking about tourism, but a lot of problems is coming from education sector, especially in the village that we have been taking care of, in Karangasem area. There is still a lack of educators and administrators. The issue of education is not only about a budget issue but also about how well distributed and well-managed the education system is,” said Komang Arta Yasa as President of BEM PM Udayana University University. (ayuniantari)