Increasing Law Department Students’ Participations through International Law Moot Court Training

LCF (Little Circle Foundation) in collaboration with Faculty of Law Udayana University and SCIL has successfully conducted the International Law Moot Court Training which was conducted in Bali Department of Education’s hall, Jl. Raya Puputan Renon, Denpasar, Sunday (May 07). The theme of the event was "Broaden Your Insight, Be The Next International Lawyer".

International Law Moot Court Training invited four speakers. Among others were I Wayan Alit Sudarsana, SH, LLM, Ananda Pratama, SH, Bharatara Ramedhan, SH, LLM, and Asaf Lubin, LLB, LLM. The event was attended by nine universities in Indonesia, i.e. Udayana University, Mahendradata University, Mahasaraswati University, Ganesha University of Education, Sebelas Maret University, Islamic University of Indonesia, University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Maranatha Christian University, and Airlangga University.

This event was an international pseudo trial event conducted by Little Circle Foundation, a non-governmental organization engaged in the development of quality education especially in Bali and in cooperation with Student Community of International Law Faculty of Law Udayana University, SCIL, and Indonesian Society Of International Law (ISIL).

This two-day event (held on May 6 and 7, 2017) aimed to provide information for entering an international pseudo-court competition, especially for universities that rarely participated in international pseudo-courts. Therefore, the goal of this event was to encourage each university to participate in the competition and win the competition. It was because this competition is very important for law students who are interested in international law.

The speakers in this event did not only giving material, but also conducting an exhibition, such as practicing the materials that had been given. The material were such as: introduction of Moot Court and International Moot Court (about what they were), why it was important for law students to participate in the International Moot Court, why English was important for law students, how to conduct a legal research, how to compile legal files, and how to give arguments in front of the judge.

(Alia Yofira, as chairman of the committee of International Law Moot Court Training from Faculty of Law Udayana University)

"I hope that by doing this International Law Moot Court Training, the law department students who did not have any idea about International Law Moot Court will now have more understanding. Therefore, it could increase their participations in international pseudo court competition," said Alia Yofira, as chairman of the committee. The International Law Moot Court Training event has been carefully prepared for approximately 2 months. (ayuniantari)