Psychedelic Held Three Prestigious Competitions

Taking a Picture between the Jury and Participants of Essay Contest for SMA / SMK / MA category in Bali

Denpasar, (May 6th, 2017) the activities of the Psychology study program, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University is packed with new scenery by adding some competition category. Initially this activity named PWC (Psychology Writing Competition) but this year changes based on the increasing interest of participants who are more interested in the Debate, Photo Contest, and Essay contest.

Based on the category of Debate Competition which joint by all participants from Universities in Indonesia, Essay competition is divided into two categories: Essay for SMA / SMK / MA students in Bali and Essay for students all over Indonesia.

Participants who participated in a debate contest consists of 12 teams from universities outside Bali, essay competition for SMA / SMK / MA is 31 students, essay competition for students in Indonesia attended by 18 participants and Photo Contest is 93 participants.

The time required to prepare for Psychedelic activities is from late February to May. It takes place in Faculty of Medicine Building, Udayana University for 3 days from 5- 7 May 2017.

Each committee is Liaison Officer (LO) to assist from each category. The stages of the debate are divided into preliminary rounds and quarterfinals on this day and continued tomorrow for the semi-finals and finals. In addition, essay contest participants today presented an essay.

Through this activity, it is expected that for next year the event will be better and the amount of participant can increase as well as promote the Psychology program. (manik)