1800 High School Students Joined the Tryout of Faculty of Medicine

A total of 1800 high school / vocational students from all districts in Bali and one city of Mataram joined the SBMPTN tryout on Sunday (30/04). This SBMPTN tryout is organized by the Executive Board of the Faculty of Medicine Udayana University. Participants who exceed this target used all the lecture rooms owned by the Faculty of Medicine as a test site.

"We use all the rooms, because there are too many participants," said the chairman of the committee, Kartika Suryani, when met on the sidelines of tryout.

This tryout notification only published in social media. The students are very enthusiastic to register. The big number of participants indicates that the Faculty of Medicine has been very trusted by the community.

"There are even parents of students from Papua come to register their children in order to follow this tryout"

About SBMPTN tryout system, it is very similar to SBMPTN that will be implemented simultaneously throughout Indonesia on May 16th, 2017. Starting from the start time, the timing of the problem, to the level of difficulty are similar. For the exercise itself was done by BEM in cooperation with SSC (Sony Sugama College) which is learning guidance centered in Renon, Denpasar. (mimi)