From Us To Us In ETALASE ARL 2017

Flight Lampion in ETALASE ARL 2017

Denpasar – Sunday, April 23rd, 2017, the Student Organization of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture, held ETALASE ARL 2017. The activity, which is the annual agenda, was held in Warung Bebek D'Uma, located at Jalan Tukad Balian no. 162 Renon Denpasar. ETALASE ARL 2017 took the theme of "From Us To We" which aimed to be a container of all creativity and academic of landscape architecture. In addition, to strengthen brotherhood and kinship among students of landscape architecture from various forces.

This activity had been started since 19.00 WITA opened by Ir. Cokorda Gede Alit Semarajaya, MS. as the chairman of the course of landscape architecture. After that followed by cutting tumpeng to commemorate the fourth anniversary of landscape architecture. Then there was a short video play of the work of one of the students of landscape architecture. Prior to entering the gala dinner, the flight of lanterns was done as a symbol of landscape architecture will continue to progress and develop.

The committee in this activity amounted to 75 people with preparation time of approximately three months. Although in preparation was constrained by galungan and kuningan, but this activity could run smoothly in accordance with what had been planned. "For next year in commemorating the fifth anniversary of the landscape architecture, hopefully more lively and more successful than this year", said Agus Juliarta as the chairman of the committee in this activity. (mimi)