Healing Child Trauma in Bugis, FISIP Holds a Charity Event

The atmosphere of the Charity event by BEM FISIP UNUD

Responding to the eviction of existing homes in Kampung Bugis, BEM FISIP UNUD held a charity activity event, called "Sharing Joy with Children in Bugis Village, Serangan", it was aimed to heal the trauma felt by the children in the village. The event which was held in Kampung Bugis, Serangan on 23rd of April, brought the theme namely "From Us To Someone". The people who participated in this activity were from the functionaries of BEM FISIP Udayana University, who prepared the event from the beginning until it was successful. This activity was prepared in the past month, it was started by promoting activities to collect donations and compensation from the surrounding environment to be delivered to the children and the local community in Kampung Bugis until the preparation of equipment needed for the implementation of the event on the H day.

The donations that have been collected and given for the community of Kampung Bugis were clothes, reading books: 67 comics, 19 notebooks, 65 textbooks, stationeries and some gifts provided by BEM FISIP Udayana. The donations came from students who are in FISIP Udayana. According to I Gede Restu Aditya, this event was very important to be held because remembering the small children there certainly have a sense of trauma for what happened to the environment around them. It will certainly cause tremendous trauma by seeing their houses being destroyed and also they would feel scared and deepen the trauma in his mental. Therefore, the committees and BEM FISIP were moved to hold this event considering in its effect that can happen to local children of Kampung Bugis. This event was packed with entertainings, where the committee and the functionaries of BEM FISIP mingle with friends and the children in Kampung Bugis, the committees also invited them to play games together, watched short movie about children, gift giving and donation, and held meal activities together . (mimi)