Delivery of mangrove seedlings from Green Habitat Community to Chairman of History Study Program and Chairman Himaprodi Historical Sciences

Badung – (Saturday – 22/04), In order to commemorate the Earth Day that falls on April 22, Student Association of History Study Program which is incorporated in Family History Student (KEMAS) do mangrove tree planting action in the area around "Kampoeng Kepiting", Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Badung. The implementation of the theme "Save A Tree For You and Us" is also supported by Green Habitt Community which is one of nature lovers community in Bali. Earth Day is the day that many people in the world commemorate it by doing various activities related to the environment such as planting trees. Planting trees is one way that can be done for the greening of the earth. Age of the earth is getting older, it is necessary to do rejuvenation. Global warming is happening today is caused by the less trees on earth, and less oxygen production, coupled with the greenhouse effect.

"The first purpose of this activity because it is the work program Himaprodi History, in the Social Sector. The second is we want to show that students of History Science can not only move on historical studies but we can also do something useful for our earth. One of them is by planting this mangrove tree "said Mila Yefriza as a Chairman Himaprodi History Science Faculty of Cultural Sciences Udayana University when met after the mangrove planting event.

Planting of mangrove seedlings by students of History Science Program with Green Habitat Community

In addition to students and activists nature lovers, lecturers of History Science Program also attended the mangrove planting event. Dra. Anak Agung Ayu Rai Wahyuni, M.Si. Head of History Science Program expressed appreciation for the implementation of mangrove tree planting event.

"Not only can plant it, but the students also have to be able to keep the plants until it really grows. It is hoped that cooperation with extra campus communities such as Green Habitat is not limited to tree planting activities, but can continue in the next activity-activity activity, "he added.

In addition, students of Science History Program will also perform maintenance of mangrove trees. "Treatment of this tree is considered necessary, because for the growth of mangrove trees themselves can also be said to be very long. Mangrove trees are also vulnerable to death if not handled properly. Therefore we of the history and community of Green Habitat will attempt to do mangrove treatment. At least twice as much as we do "added Mila.(arisugama)