4th Anniversary, Water echoes Divide with Social Work

The atmosphere of giving "sembako" to the orphanage

In order to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Aquatic Resource Management Program, Udayana University Student Association of Aquatic (HIMMASPERA) held a Water Resurgence (GEMPA) event consisting of several events, one of them is Bakti Sosial. The event was held on Saturday (22/04) at Tresna Werdha Wana Sraya Social House, Kertalangu, Denpasar. Bakti Sosial this time the theme "Together Be Stronger For Our Better Future". In this event also attended the invitees, such as alumni of Udayana Water Resource Management Program, along with representatives of organizations that exist in Udayana Water Resources Management Program. As for those who participated in this activity of course all the students and lecturers in Udayana Water Resource Management Program, all institutions of the organization in the Faculty of Marine and Fisheries (FKP), and the Dean of FKP and its staff.

 In this activity, the committee also gave donations such as 20 kg rice, 8 kg sugar, 4 kg coffee, 8 tea boxes, 100 eggs and 2 parcels of nine basic necessities. And this donation also came from the participation of lecturers in Prodi Resource Management of Water and each force in the study program. This activity has been prepared for one month, where the committee should choose the location of the event to the necessary equipment, coordination with the institution about the implementation of the activities until the collection of basic needs and equipment. Not only giving sembako, this event also held a friendly activity with him who was in the orphanage, where the students and lecturers also mingle with him during the course of the event. In addition, also conducted the entertainment events by the organizing committee. Because not all residents of the orphanage can attend the whole event and can not get out of the room, then held activities to visit the rooms to visit all residents of the orphanage and who can not participate.

Luh Ayu Trisnayanti, as the head of the event, said "The event of Water echoes is an activity undertaken to commemorate the anniversary Prodi Management of Aquatic Resources which in the aquatic activities there are several series of events, one of the Social Services. Social Services is one form of event where we share happiness and affection for the wider community also a form of our devotion as a young generation to the surrounding community. In addition, many new things, new learning, and guidelines that can be used as a lesson for the younger generation to be able to appreciate and love the parents and others around us through the experiences that he had experienced earlier. Therefore, we feel it is important to hold this activity. (arisugama)