In Order to Commemorate Kartini Day, KOHATI FIBP Held Sharing Entrepreneur Campus

Cheese Brownies is as the Result of the KOHATI FIBP Entrepreneur Training     

Denpasar-Saturday (4/15), in order to commemorate Kartini Day on April 21, Udayana students who are incorporatedin the Korps of Muslim Women Students' Association (KOHATI) Faculty of Arts and Facultyof Tourism Udayana University held the entrepreneurship activity themed "Sharing Entrepreneur Campus based on Muslim Women".

Zahratunnisa Deban, a student of Archeology Faculty of Arts and as the head of committees, stated that Kartini Day is the important moment for Indonesian women. In order to remember her struggle in the past, Muslim women try to apply her spirit. Kartini is a creative and inspired woman, but her movement is limited by the regulation at that moment. In this modern era, the women's role is unlimited; women can apply their creativity. Through this event, we try to regenerate Kartini's sprit which is creative and independent. It means that women also can be independent.

Brownies-making Training

Photo Session-KOHATI Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Tourism Udayana University

This event is not only for sharing all about entrepreneurship, but also there is training about making something such as brownies.

“We choose brownies because it is delicious and has economic value. Therefore, it can be one of the business opportunities for an entrepreneur”, Deban stated.

This event invited entrepreneur from Udayana University which was as the speaker and training leader. She is Hilda Ayu Mssytah, owner of Massytah Brownies and a student of Faculty of Agricultural Technology. In her presentation, she stated that in order to be an entrepreneur, there are five tips such as focus on the thing that has been chosen, must be diligent and never give up, love on that product, good at seeing opportunities, and the last is praying. It is because all things that we have achieved are from God. (manik)