Udayana Gardening Fertilizer

Jimbaran - Sabtu (08/04), The next two weeks the world will celebrate Earth Day. Indonesia is no exception. A wide variety of activities related to the environment simultaneously performed. Such as planting trees.In this regard, the Student Executive Board Udayana University Student Government has inaugurated the "Udayana Gardening" today in Flat Udayana University, Bukit Jimbaran.

Mila Adiani the Minister of Environment for Social and Environmental BEM-PM Udayana said that Udayana Gardening is one form of activities aimed at instilling behaviors productive, creative and economical among the students. Besides gardening Udyana also utilize unused land into land that will be more useful to provide profit. Incidentally land that is used today is the land behind the hostel Bukit Jimbaran.

Udayana Processing of Gardening Land

Gardening for the initial stages Udayana still limited cultivation and fertilizer. And will be followed by the planting of ornamental horticulture crops and medicines that will be held on the April 22, to coincide with Earth Day.

"With the Udayana Gardening activities, students are expected to Udayana more concerned more about nature. Whereas with gardening synonymous with our supply of oxygen for more. It also instills a sense of gratitude student on farmers. If there is no farmer, no food and no oxygen, as can we breathe freely now. for that we should be grateful to the farmers " Mila added. (arisugama)