Atmosphere free health care held by KIH FK unud

Sabtu (08/04), Hippocrates Scientific Group (KIH) Faculty of Medicine Udayana University successfully held events of Social Visits Orphanage in Semara Putra, Klungkung. This activity is one activity that is coupled with the anniversary of KIH 13th. Participants of this event comes from the functionaries and the members of KIH itself, which numbered about 60 people present. The organizers and participants of this event activities have been set up about one month, to prepare the form and concept of the show, complementing the purposes of the event, and determine the target of this activity. The event was opened by the representative of chairman BEM of the Medical Faculty Udayana.

According to the Chairman of the Anniversary KIH, events social visit is included in the enliven HUT KIH is a form of fulfilling the obligations of the academic community to do one of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, which is dedicated to the community, and the purpose of the project itself also is to show the public that the scientific group needed, not only in the scientific world, but also able to serve the community.

In the course of these activities, ongoing activities of counseling to orphans. Where the orphanage children divided into two parts namely the basic school-age children, and children in junior high school and senior high school. Where children are still in elementary school get counseling on how to wash their hands and brush their teeth. Then for children in middle and high school to join, and receive counseling about the dangers of smoking and free sex. In addition to conducting outreach activities, the committee also provides post free medical services to the orphanage caretaker and the adults that exist around the orphanage environment. Free health services also helped with the Bali Provincial Department of Health is providing services in the form of a check blood glucose levels and blood pressure.

According to Gita, as koordinato social visit, the reason for choosing the Orphanage Semara Putra as a target activity at home is because there are a wide variety of backgrounds orphans. Where there are also children who are mentally berketerbelakangan should also mingle with other normal children of his. In the end, the committee activities do not forget to leave a memento as well as donations collected by the committee, while the form of cash donations, toothpaste, milk boxes, and notebooks. (arisugama)