The forum National LK2 HMI Denpasar at Diklat Industri Regional 6 Building Denpasar

Badung - Monday (03/20), Islamic Students Association officially opened Cadre Training II 2017 at Industry Regional Training Center Building 6 Denpasar. The event was opened directly by P Tamsir Mulyadi as Chairman of the Executive Board of the central HMI. This activity was attended by 45 students who come from outside Bali, also attended by the figures of the Chairman of the Parliament in 2004 was Akbar Tanjung who is the alumni of HMI and I Gede Pasek Suardika currently as DPD / MPR.

Akbar Tanjung giving materal at LK2 National HMI Denpasar


I Gede Pasek Suardika took photo with the LK2 National participants of HMI Denpasar

This activity is an annual major activity by HMI Denpasar. “We have been preparing this event since January. Given the show is also quite large which is we invite participants from all over Indonesia from Aceh until Sulawesi. As for the speakers we present national speakers mainly from HMI and KOHATI. "Said Agus Fachzuri Rofiansyah Abdullah as administrators of HMI Denpasar.

The purpose of this activity was to improve the HMI’s cadre quality both knowledge and Muslim side. The training would be last up to five days (03/26). This event took a long process. The first started from the papers selection in February. Then followed the paper selection process; there were 45 papers that we chose from 203 branches throughout Indonesia. After that, went to the screening which lasted for three days for testing their eligibility. Then it is completed by the process of cadre training II. "Said Esa Cahya Maulana chairman of the committee LKII HMI Denpasar. (sobhita)