FPMHD (Hindu Dharma Student Fraternity Forum) Udayana University Held a Journalism Training 2017

Assessment and Discussion Against News Made by the Participants In Journalism Training Event 2017 by FPMHD Udayana University

Denpasar - Sunday, March 19, 2017 FPMHD (Hindu Dharma Student Fraternity Forum)  Udayana Univeristy held the Journalism Training. The activity which is an annual work program is themed "Tulisanku Duniaku". Journalism Training 2017 held in Bhineka room, 3rd floor Agrocomplex Building, Sudirman. This activity aimed to provide knowledge to all participants on how to write a good news. It also aimed to provide knowledge about the design layout in the news.

Journalism training lasted from 09:00 pm until 15:00 pm. There are two materials in this training , they are about news and design layout. Material about the news brought by I Komang Agus Widiantara, S.Sos.H. from Prada magazine with a time of 60 minutes. This was followed by direct practice writing news along with the discussion for 60 minutes. Material about the design layout presented by Putu Aditya Saputra, ST. from the Tribunh Bali. Submission of materials design layout for 45 minutes and then added to the 30-minute discussion.

There is a difference of journalism training which held this year with the previous year. At last year, the participants of the activity are addressed only to the active board of FPMHD Udayana Univerisity. While this year that a broader range of students at the university. The number of participants in this activity is 40. Then the number of the committees are 17 people with a preparation time for approximately one month.

One of the participants named Ni Luh Indah Wahyuni, a student of Faculty of Arts revealed tha this activity is extremely helpful activity. Because it provides knowledge of how to write a good news along with tips and tricks. "Speakers in this event because it is a nice person who really are experts in their field. For the next year I hope the publication expanded and participants become more and if possible to the public, not just a special for student in the Udayana University ", she said.

Wisnu Pramana Putra, as Head of the Committee in this activity felt so happy because of the enthusiasm of the participants. "I look forward to the future that the participants can make a good news. Participants can also create posts that will be published in the Sarawaswati magazine of FPMHD Udayana Univerisity. For journalism training activity next year, I hope it can be better", he said. (lie)