The process of blood donations from students of Udayana University by officers PMI Tabanan

Denpasar- Sunday (19/3), Students who are members of the Warga Mahasiswa Arkeologi (WARMA) Udayana University held social activities through blood donation and a visit to an orphanage in Monang maning.

Ni Made Chandri Aryawati, as Head of the Committee of social work from Archaeology study program, said that the event is a manifestation of concern for the students to share with others. This activity took place over two days. Saturday (3/18) they open blood donation stand and Sunday (03/19) continued by visiting Tunas Bangsa Foundation Orphanage in Monang maning.

In addition to the students of Archaeology, this event is also open to students all over in the Udayana University. "A few days before we go to open stand of fundraising and registration of blood donation that are open to the general students. Since the publication of the opening stand too tight and lasted only two days Thursday and Friday, so it may still not widely known, rather quiet. Although so, the enthusiasm of the students to contribute is very good" Chandri said.

At least about 28 students have enrolled in blood donation was held on the campus of the Faculty of Arts Udayana University in direct from PMI officially from Tabanan. As for donations to the orphanage Tunas Bangsa, obtained from the excavation of funds in the form of daily needs such as clothing, stationery, books, and toiletries. (lie)