KMPL Anniversary: Celebrate with Community Service

Delivery of the plant to the village chief OF Taro who was represented by the village secretary Taro
In the framework of the anniversary of the formation of the Student Community Environmental Concern (KMPL) Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University, Semin Autonomous Board (BSO) KMPL welcome this fifth anniversary by holding a community service activities, which this time the theme "Shades of Green Magnificent Work". The invitees were speakers from the Department of Environment and Hygiene Denpasar, Mrs. Catur present as speakers 'Development Management of the Environment', Head of Hygiene in the village of Taro, Head of Environment, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Young (BEM) Faculty of Medicine Udayana, Chairman of the Community Student Environmental Concern (KMPL), head of the village of Taro which was represented by the Secretary of the village of Taro, and also attended by the local community village of Taro.
The event, which took place in the village of Taro Kaja, Tegalalang, Gianyar have also contributed a number of donations to the village of Taro in the form of crops such as coconut, frangipani, which were distributed to the people in the village of Taro which symbolically given to the village chief Taro represented by the Secretary of Desa Taro Kaja , The plants were given were twenty plants. And these contributions came from members of the Student Community Environmental Concern (KMPL) itself. Event which was opened by the head of the village of Taro Taro represented by secretary of the village was held on March 18, 2017, and lasted about five hours longer his. According to one of the organizers, this event becomes important to be held therefore to show that students are expected to be able to socialize and practice direct to the public and convince people the importance of efforts to protect the environment and foster a sense of environmental stewardship. And the reasons for choosing the village of Taro as the target of this activity is because the village has a very good area to be the area which became a model for the region and other villages it that with his existing environment clean and beautiful need the development of human resources in precise order not overlook how important environment for ourselves and Bali.

This activity formed with giving motivations to society with the development environment. This event is also done by conducting tree planting activities in the village of Taro Kaja, and do not forget to hold activities anniversary of Student Community Environmental Concern (KMPL) Faculty of Medicine Udayana fifth as a student who has been willing to care and contribute to the environment, which today is still the of conversation and became one of the main global issues. Packaging shape how the show is made so that people know and have extensive knowledge about environmental awareness and maintain the existing environment properly. Activities that lasted about five hours long it has been going on with considerable success and festive. (kezia)