UKM KSR-PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) Udayana University Held Blood Donation

UKM KSR-PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) Udayana University 2017
Denpasar - Friday, March 17, 2017 UKM KSR-PMI (Indonesian Red Cross)  Udayana University held a blood donation. This activity took place behind the Udayana University Postgraduate Building St. P.B Sudirman, Denpasar. The aim of this blood donation is implementing humanity, which is one of the principles of the Red Cross. With blood donation we will be able to help our fellow human beings
Activities that are a work program UKM KSR-PMI (Indonesian Red Cross)  Udayana University was conducted at 10 am to 1 pm. UKM KSR-PMI (Indonesian Red Cross)  Udayana University in cooperation with the Wangaya hospital with their representatives amounted to 6 people. Blood donation is intended for the public with the target audience numbered 50 people. The committee of 20 people with a preparation time of approximately three weeks.
Before the participants did the blood donation, they do the registeration first. Then they did the health check to ensure whether it meets the requirements for the permissibility of a blood donor or not. 50 participants got a blood donor certificate and the first 30 participants who had donated blood got cimory yogurt drink.
"Pleased at this time I can donate my blood. Last time I was willing to donate, but cannot because I was underweight. This activity was nice because it was held in a crowded campus, so that students do not have to go far if they want to donate blood. After they finnished the class, they can come here directly. Blood donation is a good activity because we often see broadcast about people who need help a blood donor. This activity has been able to help those in need. Blood donation is a great humanity aid, though not by giving money but it means a lot to those in need ", said Ni Made Putri Ari Jayanti, student of the Faculty of Social and Politics, which is a participant of blood donors.
"This event has been running well in accordance with the wishes of the committee. Despite the shortage of committee because there are some who are joining midterms, class and practicum. For the future coordination between the committee further solidified and expanded. Donating blood did not hurt, even with do the donation we will be able to help others, "said Ni Luh Sri Astiti, chairman of the committee in this activity. (kezia)