Together: Mangrove Planting; Increasing Solidarity of Ormawa in FISIP Unud

Ormawa FISIP who followed to plant the mangrove.

BEM annual work program of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Udayana namely Implementing the Togetherly Upgrading Student Organization in FISIP. This event was held on Sunday, March 12th, 2017 held at Kampung Kepiting, By Pass Ngurah Rai Street no. 1, Tuban, Kuta. Upgrading characterized by mangrove planting along with the entire ORMAWA in FISIP.

"The Upgrading aims to familiarize and strengthen the brotherhood of us, and as we know also for the next year and beyond we will continue to cooperate in the fields of academic and non-academic, even though the members of ORMAWA are different." Said I Gede Nyoman Arya Tri Adhyatmika as the Upgrading Chief Executive in 2017.

Award Certificate of Appreciation for Wanasari Fishermen Group

There are 9 ORMAWA incorporated in this event which will be divided into 10 groups randomly. In addition to this mangrove planting, participants will also follow the games compactness.

Through this implementation, it is expected throughout ORMAWA in FISIP to advance the work programs, which have been designed and implement as the common goal. (mimi)