The Poster of Caring Children Nutrition Action

Karangasem – Saturday (11/03), In order to launch the opening of the assisted villages, Student Government Student Executive Board (BEM PM) University of Udayana made a series of activities such as the campaigns Nutrition Care Movement for younger siblings in Pempatan Village, Rendang, Karangasem.

"This campaign aims to encourage Udayana University students to contribute the nourishment of the children in the village. Remembering that we have assisted villages for children who are difficult to get milk. Not only drink any milk, drinking water is sometimes difficult for them, since the residents use the rain, even more in the dry season." Said Ni Ketut Ayu Suwandewi, the Village Empowerment Minister of BEM PM Unud when met at the Faculty of Law Udayana.

Child Nutrition Care Movement campaigns conducted through distributing donation boxes of milk in each faculty, coordinated directly by BEM faculty. It aims to facilitate students in distributing milk donations. But not a few who donate milk directly to the BEM PM ahead of the end of milk collection.

Distributing milk as a donation to the children in Pempatan Village

The campaign ran from the 5th to March 9th, 2017, has managed to collect around 500 boxes of milk. Moreover, every box that had been donated milk also contains about the motivations of the students Udayana as a form of their care for the younger siblings in Pempatan.

"Milk that has been collected, will be given to the brothers in the Pempatan on Saturday (11/03) at the same time with the ceremonial inauguration assisted villages BEM PM Udyana University." Ayu added. (arisugama)