Speakers from the Nuffic Neso while at sharing session with the participants

Denpasar - Thursday (03/09, Seminar of Study in Holland held at the Udayana University. It has become a subscription that Udayana University always provide information about study abroad. Not only provides information on study abroad, but also provide information about scholarships abroad. One of the scholarships is from Netherlands with a scholarship as Student in Netherland (StuNed, Orange Tulips Scholarship (OTS, Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP. Why Netherlands? The first reason is nearly half of Dutch have been able to speak English fluently. So when we are going to study to Netherlands, it does not need to be fluent in Dutch but simply by using the IELTS/TOEFL. The second is Netherlands provide career opportunities for foreign students in Netherlands. The third is there are choices of courses with a quick time or Short Course.

Seminar participants of Study in Holland and workshop ‘How To Write Motivation Letter’
At this time, Seminar of Study in Holland by Nuffic Neso was not only about sharing the study in the Netherlands, but there is also a workshop on "How to Write a Motivation Letter". Motivation Letter is a letter containing an explanation of the motivation of the author in applying for a job or a scholarship. This letter became so very important in applying for a scholarship, because the motivation letter is one of the important things that have to be provided in order to get scholarship.
The tips and tricks in writing motivation letter are, the first to recognize what scholarship that we are applying, focus on the advantages possessed by the writer, make sure that the author deserves to be accepted at the University destination, and the last one is writing with the use of good and correct grammar. (kezia)