The delegation of Indonesia took photo together with the representative of Indonesia Embassy in Tokyo

Denpasar-Wednesday (3/8), 19 students of Udayana University and six medical students of Bali followed students exchange in Japan. The representatives of Udayana University are 17 people of International Relationship students and two students of nursing department. This exchange program named JENESYS 2.0 is a program for exchanging students with cooperation of Indonesia and Japan government. All students went to Japan since February 28th and have arrived in Indonesia when dawn. In this program, the students have opportunity to learn the economy and culture of Japan.

In this program, the students have opportunity did social interaction during 5 days with the society in Prefetur Kumamoto-Japan. The series of activity in this program was the discussing session by the direction of Prefektur Kumamoto-Japan. They also visited Kinch Hospital; visited some universities such as Kumamoto University, Kyushu University, and Sojo University. Doing dialogue with Kumamoto society; until did a presentation in front of the embassy representative, Ministry of Foreign affair of Japan, JICE (Japan International Cooperation Center) and the delegation of other students in this program.

The representatives of Indonesia who from Udayana University were Dewa Made Nanda Wijaya, Syarifurohmat Pratama Santoso, Moses Harazaki, I Gusti Agung Ari Winanda, Achmad Fathoni Wibowo, Regina Mega Pratama, Minanda Krishna, Ananda Devi Nugraha, Rachel Laudy Liwe, Afifah Putri Solihat, Ni Komang Triani Wulandari, Gusti Ayu Sabdhadewi Ananda Pinatih, Dewa Ayu Putu Vidya Mahayani, Ni Ayu Sucitri, Putu Indah Savitri, Teresa Antania, Tjokorda Istri Supraniti, Lanang Triana, Putu Nopriani.

 The Indonesia representative practiced Sekar Jagat Dance

In this opportunity, Balinese students were so proud because can promoting Bali culture, such as presenting Sekar Jagat dance in front of students and Japanese society.

In this program, finally Udayana’s student was inaugurated to be youth ambassador to interact and cooperate with Japan government and Indonesia in Bali in future. (sobhita)