Open House Faculty of Medicine 2017: Neat, Nice, and Great!

The atmosphere of the release of balloons at the climax of the event
Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University held a successful activitiy called ‘Open House FK Udayana’. This activity is one of the annual events held by students of the Faculty of Medicine (FK) Udayana. Event Open House FK Udayana this time nicely packaged, and also coincided with the implementation of a series of Kinship Board of the Faculty of Medicine (BKFK) Udayana. This event is held with the aim that the participants are expected to know the Faculty of Medicine Udayana University deeper and well. Preparation for this event took one month, with the beginning of the formation of the committee, plenary meetings, coordination, and setting up registration to follow up the participants. According to one of the committee activities, this event is important to be held because there are still many students who think that the Faculty of Medicine only has General Medicine study program, but did not know the other courses in the Faculty of Medicine Udayana University. Thus, giving material by the Head of Studies Program is necessary to give a good understanding to them through this opportunity and to help provide a reference of their studies in the future for the participants.
The participants were being given material
The participants while toured the campus led by the committees
Event of Open House FK Udayana 2017 is nicely and greatly packed. it was began by dividing the participants into two groups based on sequence present The first group attended the sixth seminar of materials by the Head of Studies Program in the Faculty of Medicine Udayana University, while another group do the campus tour guided by the committee in charge. After that, the two groups then swapped positions so that these activities can run well.The participants were also invited to visit the booths of each department that has been provided, in order to direct the participants to ask freely about the study programs that are considered attractive. And also at the climax of the event, the participants were invited to write their hopes and it will be flied off along with balloons that have been provided by the committee. The event was interesting.
The event that took place at the Faculty of Medicine, Sudirman Campus, Udayana University was started at 8.30 am until 2.00 pm, and was attended by 380 people. it can be seen that the participants were so enthusiastic in participating in all activities in this event. The participants came from various areas, such as high school students (SMA) of all districts in Bali, even a few more students came from high school from East Java who sign up online. (kezia)