Tuesday (28/02) located in Building B of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University, Sociology Department held a socialization. Socialization which was addressed to high school students, is part of the introduction of Sociology Department for high school students.

Budi Wahyu Nugroho, head of the Laboratory of Sociology at Udayana University, said many misinterpreted to Sociology, so it needs to be clarified so that the understanding of sociology does not deviate. In addition, this socialization is also held to provide offers to students in Denpasar who later passed the national examination, for giving information about the tuitions and how to enroll in the Sociology Department, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University.

"Sociology Department is no less well than other departments, because sociology department can enter all of the elements of life, many things can be done by a graduate of Sociolog " said sociologist Udayana as well as  author of 'Orang Lain Adalah Neraka' in front of the participants.

Some material about the introduction of Sociology in general be given to participants. Especially for the Sociology Department, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Udayana University, to the parpresented about presented the prospect of graduate sociology, and brief profiles of alumni Sociology Udayana who already holds many important positions in various institutes.

Participants enthusiastically listen to the presentation. One of  participants named Angga, from one of  high schools in Denpasar, said that he got a new understanding of Sociology Department.

"It's not boring if Sociology is described by experts" he said when asked what was gained from the socialization. (kezia)