ARL Weekend: Head of Study Program Gathering Event

A group photo after the activity ARL Weekend

In order to hold a Head of Study Program gathering activities, Landscape Architecture Study Program Udayana University held ARL Weekend activities that packaged in a cheery camp. The meeting was attended by Head of Study Program of Landscape Architecture Udayana University, Ir. Cokorda Gede Alit Semarajaya, M.S., and was attended by lecturers in the Udayana Landscape Architecture domain. Activities that took place within 2 days 1 night was held on February 18 until February 19, 2016 at Bali Outbound Farm (BOF), Baturiti. Participants of this activity are students of Landscape Architecture Stusy Program Udayana University consisting of student forces in 2014 to 2016. The event also used as an opportunity to get closer to each other in the family of Landscape Architecture Study Program Udayana University, considering has recently joined the new Lnadscape Architecture students generation in 2016.


Head of Study Program of Landscape Architecture in the discussions at the event ARL Weekend

As for some of the activities performed during the ARL Weekend event is about the discussion. Beginning with a discussion with Head of Study Program of Landscape Architecture Udayana, that talked about complaints experienced by the students during their learning in Landscape Architecture recently. Not only discussed with the head of study program and lecturers, the event also held a conversation with community that exists in the departement, such as community of Don Gamal and community of Tuwaga. To further enliven this cheerful camp, at the night also held campfire activity and on the next day, February 19 games activity held and involving all participants. The event was attended by 75 participants has been going quite successful and festive. (lie)