Knowing How to Use Internet Properly with Smartfren

The situation of Giving Material from the First Speaker in the Hall of IPD Building

Student Executive Board Udayana University held The National Seminar which cooperated with Smartfren. The topic chosen was about The Smart Trick of Using Internet for Students. Furthermore, this event held on February 17, 2017 in IPS Building, Jl. Prabu Udayana No. 100, Jimbaran.

Seminar which cooperated with outside agencies is one of the working programs of Entrepreneurship Department of Student Executive Board Udayana University. It is not only to establish cooperation with outside agencies, but also this event aims to give the explanation of how to use internet properly for students.

The Situation of One of the Participants Who Had Answered the Question from the Speaker

The speakers are Seno Pramuadji as the Head of Community Development & CSR and Gilang Pamenan as the Devices Planning & Management Smartfren. Furthermore, the participants are Udayana University students.

“It is expected that students especially in Udayana University can understand of how to use internet properly”, I Dewa Ketut Widya Putra as the chief of this seminar stated. (manik)