Entrepreneurial Sharing in Agrifest 2017

The guest speaker Gede Artha while doing presentation on agriculture

In celebrating its 50th anniversary as well as the 2017 Agriculture Festival, Faculty of Agriculture held an Entrepreneurial Sharing. The event carried out the theme "Explore Agriculture to Be Young Agripeneur" which aimed to nurture the entrepreneurial interest for students.

The Sharing invited Sutrisna Dewi as the Chairman of the Udayana University Business Incubator, and I Gede Artha Sudiarsana, owner of Gede Jamur, 2016 Young Farmers Ambassador. In addition to listening to the speakers’ presentation, the participants would also participate in Entrepreneur Tour on 18th of  February in the Rumah Usaha Bee Jamur Banjar Den Yeh Peguyangan Kaja with Ni Wayan Purnami Rusadi.

The Entrepreneurial Sharing was held on 12th of February 2017 at the Coffee Paradise in  the Desa Budaya Kerta Langu Kesiman, Denpasar. Participants of the event were mainly students of the Faculty of Agriculture.

Agriculture Festival was the first event organized by the Faculty of Agriculture in which Agriculture Expo, Agriculture Music and Entrepreneurship Seminar were well-arranged in a series of events. The event was implementing a quota-based system as the results of registration which had been opened about two weeks earlier.

One of the participants in Entrepreneurial Sharing Seminar said, "The main goal of this event is to inspire and encourage students, especially students of Faculty of Agriculture to develop more interest in entrepreneurship." Said Sui Suadnyana. (dessrimama)