Udayana XXII Chemistry Olympic, Annual Agenda Realization

WINNER: The delivery of prizes to the winners at the Udayana XXII Chemistry Olympic held by the Chemist Student Association in MIPA Campus Udayana University, Bukit Jimbaran on Saturday, (11/02).

Chemist Student Association, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science of Udayana University held chemistry Olympic again which is being annual agenda. In this 22nd chemistry Olympic, the theme was “Chemistry for Better Society”. There were categories in this event such as Scientific Writing Contest for junior and senior high school, Digital Poster for high school in Bali, Painting Poster for junior school in Bali and Competition Theory for junior and senior high school in Bali. The peak of this event took place at Chemistry campus, Udayana University, Bukit Jimbaran, Saturday (2/11).

According to Gita S. Saraswati as the coordinator of Hima Kimia, this activity was divided into 3 stages. “First is preliminary round on January 29 in six regencies. Namely Badung, Jembrana, Karangasem, Tabanan, Buleleng and Gianyar. Furthermore there are the semifinal and the final, " she said.

Each competition has different sub-theme. The sub-theme of LKTI is the Application of Chemistry to Solve Problems in Agriculture, Industry, Environment, Energy and Marine. As for the sub-theme Painting Poster there is a choice of three themes, namely The Role of Chemistry to Solve Global Warming, processing Waste Organic and Inorganic, as well as the Use of Environmentally Eco-Friendly Products. Different categories in Digital Poster contest which has a selection sub-theme Eco-Friendly Energy Sources and Sustainable, the Application of Green Chemistry for Better Environmental and Application of Chemistry in Processing and Waste Management.

The end of event has been held since January which was marked by the announcement of the top three winners of each category. The winners of the poster competition category Painting are first rank achieved by Amanda G. Ayu Komang, in second by Komang Lanang S. Rama, as well as to third by Vania Karissanti. Whereas, in the category of Digital Poster Contest in a row from one to three championship won by I Kadek Aditya Dharma P., Made Bramasta Vikana P., and Evita Heritania.

On the other hand, participants who won the Theory competition for junior level are from one to three: Made Adelia Ardiyana Putri, I Gede Wira Wisnanta D., and I Kadek Tresna Yadananta. The winners of the competition Theory Contest for high school level achieved by Nengah Raka Swastika as the champion, followed by Gede Putra Utama as a second champion and Rama Vinnu Isyanan was ranked third.

Different in LKTI category that is the race judged on teamwork. The participants who managed to win the first rank is a team of SMPN 1 Mengwi, which is followed by SMPN 1 team Kuta as well as the second rank, and LKT team of junior Al Hikmah Full Day School on third position.

The winners given award that are the trophy Governor of Bali, Fixed Cup, Certificate, Money Coaching and Gift worth in rupiah. The end of the XXII Chemistry Olympic event 2017 Udayana was officially marked by the beating of gongs, by Vice Dean Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science accompanied the Head of department, Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Chemistry Student Association. (sobhita)