BEM FISIP Unud Succesfully Conducted Awarding Night

Students’ Organization of Faculty of Sosial and Political Science (known as BEM Fisip) Udayana University has  succesfully conducted Awarding Night. The event took place in Nusantara room, Sudirman campus, Denpasar on Thursday February 8th. The theme of the event was “From, by, and for Fisip Udayana”. In addition, such event was conducted to celebrate a one-year-work programs of BEM Fisip Colaborative Cabinet.

This event was a form of appreciation done by the organization in collaboration with the faculty’s staffs to appreciate the students who contributed a lot to the faculty by giving certificate of appreciation. “This event aims to give appreciations to the students in the faculty who dedicate and contribute a lot for the institution. We hope that by doing such event, the other students will motivate themselves to give more dedications and contributions to Fisip Unud,” said Nando Narayana as the head of the committee. The event had been well prepared two weeks before the due date.

(The vice dean was giving the award to the students)

Furthermore, Awarding Night invited the dean, vice dean, students in Faculty of Social and Political Science (Fisip) who gave most contributions, the head of other students’ organizations in the faculty, Jegeg Bagus Fisip, and all students in the faculty as well. (ayuniantari)