A total 168 extension freshmen followed the social service camp. The camp took place in the Selat village, Selat subdistrict, Karangasem.  This camp lasted for three days and two nights, from February 3-5, 2017. This activity carried many activities which hoped would be give positive impacts to Selat village community, Karangasem.

The chairman of extension, Gede Pasek Adi Widya Wicaksana said that besides discussing the issue of village law, the participants also educated to community about Hoax issue and provide education to the ITE regulation. In addition, the participants also providing information on how to report cases of household cruelty.

“There are many household cruelty cases; we will present the speakers from the lecturer at the Faculty of Law for the case"

This activity is mandatory to be followed by all students of Law, Udayana University because the final assignment condition and PPKH obliging to attend community service.

The chairman of activity said many changes in this year compared to previous year. It started from participants attribute, until the location for camp. The preparation has been done from October 2016.

"A lot of changes, such as capil caps, we change it to usual hats, and usually used large nametag, now this year we zoom it out. It became our way of addressing rector announcement " . (sobhita)