The weather of that day did not detract enthusiasm of faculty of law’s community works participants to attend the releasing ceremony on Friday, February 3. The ceremony was led by the dean of faculty of law, Prof. Dr. I Made Arya Utama, S.H M.Hum. In his speech, he stated that community work is important as it is part of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi. He expected that the students will do well on the community works on behalf of the faculty. Besides, he also stated that violence; in whatever its forms, cannot be tolerated anymore.

“Community works nowadays are related to mental revolution proclaimed by the president of Indonesia, Mr. Jokowi. It is expected that by doing the mental revolution, the number of intellectuality will increase and the students will be closer to the society. Most of our society is still have no idea about law. For this reason, it is expected that you all can introduce the law to the society,” Mr. Arya said to the students.

It was highlighted by balloons and pigeons’ releasing done by the dean and other important persons in the faculty.

The community works will be done in Selat Village, Karangasem. It will be participated by 168 freshmen of non regular class. Such community works is part of introducing the campus life to the freshmen that law exists in society.  (ayuniantari)