Tuesday (24/02) about 186 new students of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences released to follow the initiation programmed of each study programs. There are six study program in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, namely, International Relations study program, study of Sociology, Public Administration study program, Political Science study program, Communication Studies study program, and D3 Library. The release took place at the campus of Sudirman. New students from six departments in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences will follow different place of initiation.

Vice Dean III Dr. Piers Andreas Noak, in his speech said that, all sequences of introduction of faculty campus life until Bina Orientasi Mahasiswa which is organized by Students Executive Board that held yesterday January 19 to 20, 2017, has been running well.

He said, it is important for new students to follow the initiation, because initiation is part of a pattern of internal coaching student of the study program, to boost the integrity of, and understand more closely what the objectives of the study program, either in the education either or in the community.

"From this initiation they could see their identity as a student, which in the end they will be able to socialize with Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi"

Dr. Piers Andreas Noak as vice dean in charge of student affairs hopes for the initiation of this year can be better than in the previous years.

"This year may be better than in the previous year, in terms of preparation, reception of participants, the enthusiasm of the participants is also high". (lie)