Responding Rector Circular Letter, BKM of the Faculty of Engineering is Done

Bukit Jimbaran, responding Rector Circular Letter dated July 20, 2016 about delaying tent devotion in each faculty and department, a familiarity activity (BKM) of Faculty of Engineering Udayana University can be done on Monday 1/9/2017. Furthermore, based on the article 15, paragraph 1 of Udayana University Rector’s decision No.262/H14/KM2009 concerning that activity can be done after the learning process has been going on for one semester.

BKM 2016 consists of two activities. First, indoor activity is held on Monday-Tuesday, January 9-10, 2017. Second, outdoor activity is the community service held on January 12-14, 2017 at Mamed field, Sindhuwati, Sideman, Karangasem.

There are 600 students consist of old and new students join this BKM on the first day, Monday, January 9 at the Undagi Graha Auditorium, Bukit Jimbaran. This first indoor activity is held by providing socialization with material about Bank Sampah and a presentation about the activity of the Student Senate Faculty of Engineering. This activity is held at 8 am until 2 pm. Furthermore, on the second day on January 10, the activity is the presentation about student associations’ activities in the Faculty of Engineering. (manik)