Some of the volunteers who participated in the fund-raising activity at the Sudirman street, Denpasar

Denpasar – on Friday (06/01), Students’ Executive Board - Student Government (hereinafter called BEM-PM) of Udayana University conducted a fund-raising action in order to give aid to the victims of flood in Bima city, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). This action took place at the Sudirman crossroad, Denpasar. It was led by Mila Adiani as the Minister for Social and Environmental of BEM-PM of Udayana University, cabinet of Kita Udayana. In the implementation of this activity, BEM-PM of Udayana University as the implementer also invited the students from various faculties in Udayana University.

“We have two ways for collecting this aid (for Bima), namely the first, by the action of fund-raising; and the second, by the delivery of aid through the accounts provided by the committee until January 7” Mila said.

Mila added that the fund-raising activity conducted by BEM-PM of Udayana University was a realization of sensitivity of the students in social life. Students as part of the community should be sensitive to the problems in society.

Photo of President of the Students, BEM-PM of Udayana University who also participated in the fund-raising activity

In that activity, the ranks of management of BEM-PM, cabinet of Kita Udayana together with the other students conducted a good cooperation in succeeding the fund-raising action. At the end, the activity conducted from the morning ended successfully at 11.35 p.m. This fund-raising action ended with the counting of the number of donations from the road users in the secretariat of BEM-PM, Udayana University.

In the continuation of this fund-raising action, the committee will send all the collected funds to the victims of flood in Bima through Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Bali. BEM-PM as the implementer of this activity expected that this action can be beneficial to all victims of the disaster in Bima. (naristadevi)