Member of entrepreneurship extracurricular while writing their action plan and attach it onto balloon

Depasar — Friday (30th of Dec), Entrepreneurship Student Activity Unit (UKM) or  Entrepreneurship Extracurricular for college student to hold Entrepreneur Gathering to carry out committee dissolution for all activities conducted by Entrepreneurship Extracurricular in 2016. The event began at 16:00 to 18:00 in front of the Sudirman Campus precisely at EDC Building and attended by approximately 20 people of Entrepreneurship Extracurricular members and its alumni. The event began with writing an action plan in 2017 on a piece of paper that was attached to the balloon, several games, Alumni Gathering, and the last activity wasthe distribution of committee certificates during 2016 activity.

 “This is the last activity for 2016. But it doesn’t mean there would not be any more activity. In 2017, Entrepreneur Extracurricular will have several agenda such as national seminars and national festival that have been well-prepared.” Said Aniza Fauziah, the chairman of Udayana’s Entrepreneur Extracurricular.

The member when they were playing games

Like its name, in 2016 Entrepreneur Extracurricular had carried out a lot of activities related to entrepreneurship to train its members in order to nurture their entrepreneur character; independent, risk taker, and business oriented. Some  of the cativites are: sharing session, making proposal for entrepreneur start up, entrepreneur trip, entrepreneur in reality, entrepreneur challenge, and participate in various festivals.

“Marketing skill is essential in entrepreneur. It is required even when we just want to run a small business like top up, snack, etc, it doesn’t matter. There is no need to worry about big things in the beginning. Don’t be discouraged. An entrepreneur may not feel shy of embarrassed. Fail and success in running a business can also happen but we may not give up. An entrepreneur is the one who is skillful if finding out an opportunity and having a good self confidence.” Said Rendem, alumni of the extracurricular.

“We may have a dream, but we also need to put effort to realize it. We call it ladder of dream. When you have made one step forward, keep doing it step by step until the dream is realized.” Said Ilham, student of Facaulty of Marine and Fisheries. (dessrimama)