A Review on Moemie Novel, Hundred-Years-Old Girl

A Novel Review of Moemie: Hundred years old girl Monday, December 19th, 2016, at the Theatre Building Widya Shaba Usadha medical faculty at Udayana University. A novel review of Moemie: Hundred Years Old Girl, a work by Marien Bloem was held. This event was held by the cooperation with Kompas Gramedia and Bantara Budaya Bali with the Faculty of Medicine and BEM FK Udayana. It presented a speaker, namely Dr. Jean Couteou, who are a humanists and sociologists. There was also Dr. I Nyoman Sutama MPH, who is a professor of medicine faculty, spoke about the identity and alienation-socio-geographical history. And there was also Fransikus Widoko as a translator of the novel Moemie: Hundred years old girl. The novel entitled "Moemie: Hundred Years Old Girl" had the original title "Een Meisje Van Honderd", told about the story of the history of a mix family (Indo-Dutch) in a hundred years. The story begins in a country, was then called, the Dutch East Indies, past the Japanese occupation, the 1954 independence, to include the current events of 1998 and Bali bombings. During the long span of the events, the story was happened alongside with other parts of the world events, ranging from World War II until the 9/11 tragedy. The stories, which set in Indonesia and the Netherlands, is written through Moemie figures and and her family in three generations. (mimi)