Cooperative education continues, SME Kopma Udayana University Degree DMK 2016

NI Luh Djelantik Middle provide Training material on the Management of the cooperative, (5/11) and Monday (05/11) a co-operative Student activity units Udayana University Students (KOPMA Udayana University) organized the cooperative education back to its members. After the successful carrying out of the basic level of Education cooperative, this time it was the turn of education middle level should you. It is realized through the implementation of Cooperative Management Training (DMK 2016) that was in the Hall of the building doctor of the Faculty of Economics and business of the Udayana University. Unmitigated, to create harmonization of education members. Kopma Udayana University invited three speakers at once, namely IR. Hj Sharmila, M.Si speaker Parent Cooperative Women entrepreneurs of Indonesia, Ni Luh Djelantik as co-founder and owner and Angga Kusuma i.e. Bhakti and Chairman of PSDA Indonesia Youth Cooperatives. "Cooperative Student media is to train yourself to become a young entrepreneur campus and even true after entrepreneur in the world of work," said angga Bahakti. Carrying the theme of "Optimizing the role of young people in the development of the creative economy cooperative", DMK 2016 is expected to spur interest in entrepreneurship for students. Consequently, the concept of students ' cooperatives can usually with the concept of entrepreneurship in order to achieve prosperity together. (arisugama)