Compass Held Sound Of Youth

One of the performers at Sound Of Youth; Summer in Vegas

Political Studies Program of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University held Sound of Youth in commemoration of Youth Pledge Day on Friday (28/10) in Coffe Paradise Bali.

In accordance with the name of this event Compass hold concerts to celebrate or commemorate Youth Pledge Day with music. According to them a lot of factors that make young people today do negative things like brawl, promiscuity, etc. differ greatly with young children / youth of old who fought his own country. With music, it is expected youth of today will change the behavior of young people in this day and age.

Many Bands that perform at the event were Wallaby Project, Color Theory, Choice Line, Wetdafoo, Luciders, Lithium dan Summer in Vegas. This event starts at 18:00. Sound of Youth Committee Chairman Roland said "Youth Pledge Event not only action activity, Compass this time using music which is new nowadays. In Youth Pledge this time young people should be critical in addressing the issues that exist". (suparta)