PMAN Held Social Service Successfully

The Situation of PMAN’s Social Service at SD 1 Petiga, Marga, Tabanan

The State Administration Students’ Association (PMAN) held social service at SD 1 Petiga, Marga, Tabanan. It was one of the PMAN’s celebration events. The theme of this event was Real Action to Help Others. It was held on Saturday, October 22, 2016. Students of SD 1 Petiga were very enthusiastic in joining this event.

It was opened by the chairman of this event and continued with community service and teaching students of SD 1 Petiga as well as doing games with state administration’s students of Udayana University. It was continued with giving donations from celebration committees.

Before this activity was held, the committees opened giving donations for whom could give help to this foundation. It was such school equipment, money, and cleaning tools. The chairman of this event, Sandi Saputra, said, “It is expected that students of SD 1 Petiga always keep spirit in joining the education through those donations”. (manik)