Talk about Campus Life with Prof. Dr. Ir. Tineke Mandang, M.S.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Tineke Mandang, M.S. seen interacting with students in the auditorium of Widya Sabha, Bukit Campus, Jimbaran. Not only students in the country were invited to talk, but also invited foreign students. Campus life is the main topic of the conversation.
Prof. Tineke said that he wanted to verify the written results in the report with facts on the ground. Looks relaxed atmosphere like during the discussion in the classroom. Many of the questions posed Prof. Tineke them about the vision and mission of the Udayana University, facilities on campus, and questions about campus life. One of students answered about the meaning of culture in the vision and mission of Udayana University is studying the universal culture but do not forget your own culture, the culture of Bali. (kezia)