Foreign Students Participating In The Accreditation Of Udayana University

The second day of accreditation takes place at the Rector of Udayana University Udayana University,Kampus Bukit Jimbaran, Monday (24/10). The entire academic community of the University of Udayana participate involved in it. One is foreign students Faculty of Humanities Udayana University. They showed talent in the field of cultural workshops Bali such as making cymbals, Kwangen, and other means of worship.

Ni Ketut Sri Rahayuni, S.S., M. Hum. as the Coordinator of foreign students involves intentionally revealed in today's accreditation activities.  Foreign students involved today approximately 60 people, he said. These foreign students average comes from Europe and America.

This workshop stands on display next to the led to the Udayana University. Not only exhibitions, but also foreign students directly involved there.(arisugama)